Thursday, April 7, 2011

REPTILICA exhibition OTT by lia.T

The stars of the Reptilica photoshoot.

The wonderful photographer Chase Manhattan

Tessa Blazey and Lia T ..two of my favourite jewellers

Greg of Butler and Etteridge, another talented  jeweller

Melanie Rice and the drink of choice XXXX.

Kirsty from Quirk & Co pouring another delicious cask wine. Glitzern is CLASS.

Dudes its a cane toad and the more they are used to make sun visors the better.

Poojah in all her gloriousness

Hello Crossley st, I love you.

Me wearing everything, Mended Veil, Elke Kramer and Brokenfab. more is more.

Another two favourites Luke and Sam