Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a moment with BEARDED IRIS STUDIO hatmaker to the universe.

1. if you were asked to present a gift to a visiting alien dignitary what would you give?
I would offer them a pick and mix bag of milky ways, a Boney M CD and one of my hats.
2. what inspired you to launch into a creative hat making frenzy?
I studied fashion history and theory at university and became transfixed by the primal quality of Headresses throughout history.
A hat has the potential to instantaneously evoke emotions that a pair of trousers or a jacket just can't. A piece of millinery can be joyous, mysterious, frightening or just darn sexy.
I did spend a lot of time thinking about making hats, actually, before I did it. About one year.
When I realised how pliable the materials were, I kind of let myself go. one week later, somehow I'd magically produced 7.
3. they are amazement by the way, Grazia was all over them like a rash. who do you make them for?
Thankyou Moi! For me, the collection of hats in store suggest a physical form of laughter. I think of the people I admire when I make hats. People who are commited to actively realising personal visions of an ideal life, and who also aren't afraid to take the mickey when it comes to dressing themselves.
4. I love the dutch spiced biscuits 'spekkulas' and cold milk for breakfast what about you?
French toast! It's frighteningly easy to make. I also love eggs benedict with salmon, and porridge cooked with nuts and maple syrup. And of course, a fresh cup of coffee! 
5. Are you worried about fashion? I am worried and bored of it all at the same time... but your hats may save my day... can kids of today ever
understand that they cannot spend the rest of their lives looking like Elaine from Seinfield?

I feel like soon there is going to be a more obvious shift in the world of fashion that mirrors the state that the world is in. There will be a backlash against mass produced over advertised trash to clothes that have a longer life span (in both quality and classicism in design) and hand worked clothes will be moreso appreciated. it's good that there are girls and guys out there who are into making or altering their own clothes.
These days I feel like people are really rigid when it comes to putting an outfit together. People take themselves too seriously. It's good to go against the grain of matchy-matchyness with random hellacool accessories. My other piece of this advice on this tangent is: when it comes to taste, sometimes the thing that you hate the most can actually become something you love or seriously inspires you. Keep your eyes peeled.
6. there are Australian designers going out on a fashion limb ..yet they struggle to make a living.. what do you think  people are afraid of?
It takes hard work to be a good and relevant designer. Its a continual battle between concept and the bottom line, isn't it? its about finding a good balance. It's good to throw caution to the wind. just don't let it blind you with a changing breeze.
7. why did you choose us?  we loved you even though we didnt know you yet..im fishing for compliments with this one, I can always take out the question if

I'd visited your show in 2008 called 'Jungle Fever', which was really fantastic. I got the vibe through the exhibit (which was later proven after I met you both) that you were interested in people, supportive of the creative community and had the ability to see potential in beautiful ideas. I also imagined Bjork would probably really like your shop. And that can't be a bad thing.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Elke rules

Yesterday I had really tired arms because I decided to wear most of my Elke Kramer all at once, because you can. Each year adds another dimension to my collection and to layer them all together is a joy. We have left some for the shop, for now.