Friday, July 3, 2009

Her debut collection: “For J.D, with love and squalor”, serves as homage to the acclaimed J.D Salinger, writer of the classic piece of fiction “The Catcher In The Rye”.
Using pewter casting of found objects as well as dramatically heavy gold and black metal chains, the collection reinterprets through jewellery design, events and characters of the 1953 book of novels, “For Esme –with love and squalor”. One item of jewellery has been designed for each novel of the book.

As an example, the novel "Down at the Dinghy" tells the story of a mother that only manages to communicate with her young son by pretending that they both are U.S Navy officers: the "Down at the Dinghy" ring is made out of two broken U.S Navy rings (a small and a big one) cast together symbolizing both characters and their attempt at communication

Pop by too see her window display featuring headpieces and the fantastic shoe chains. Made to order.....and pretty hot....